My name is Rhiannon (after the Fleetwood Mac song). I’m a 2011 graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, with an AAS in Communication Design and a BFA in Graphic Design.

When I’m not designing, I’m usually playing video games, listening to a podcast (ask me for a recommendation!), reading a book (I love comics, fantasy and weird non-fiction), or baking. Bakerhi is my alter-ego, where I practice food photography & make delicious goodies in my kitchen. You can check out some of my photo portfolio on foodgawker!

I’m currently working in Norwalk, CT for a little company called ReedPop as a Sr. Marketer for PAX (Penny Arcade Expo), with a stint of working on our Comic portfolio including Emerald City Comic Con, Anime Fest at New York Comic Con, BookExpo & BookCon. I specialize in social media and digital marketing, and have plenty of experience with print, signage and out of home from previous lives.

For more info about me, find me on Linkedin.



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