ECCC 2020 Branding

I was responsible for the look & feel/theme for ECCC 2020. The vibe was National Parks, which also edged into Cryptids. The Cryptids were meant to come into play once you got to the show, being seen on the directory cover as well as our on-site scavenger hunt program. This look and feel helped dictate the look of our show signage, digital ads, website homepage, emails, social media & more.

The slideshow below includes the show poster, directory cover, a variety of animated web banners, our eventual cancellation tweet & a graphic meant to be used on our ECCC Livestream as a pivot from a physical to virtual event.

Below that is a selection of social media posts we had been posting prior to the show being cancelled. These were meant to be playful, relatable and shareable to encourage interaction on our channel.

ReedPop Team:
Event Director MK Goodwin
Event Manager Betty Waypa
Poster Artist Danielle Dernoga
Directory Cover Artist Jack T. Cole

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